Monday, 9 June 2014


On Sunday I went to my first ever blogging event...I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive to begin with (something I need to get over if my job is going to be rocking up to weddings with a bunch of guests I don't know!!), but there was nothing to be nervous about- I met some really lovely folk and got to take a bunch of photos...not too shabby for a Sunday afternoon!

I was invited to attend #LightCameraCurrys - a photography course set up by Currys for bloggers run by local portrait photographer Dade Freeman, and I am so glad that I went. There was about 30 of us there (I had no idea there were so many bloggers in Brighton!) and the course focused on how to get DSLR users away from using their automatic settings, and confident in setting up their own shots, followed up by an exercise that saw us all running around the beach snapping anything and everything.

So, what did I think of the course? Well, as someone with absolutely no formal photography training whatsoever, I only wish I'd have done a course like this when I first got my me when I say it would have gotten me massively more confident a WHOLE lot quicker. Dade managed to take a hugely technical subject, and break it into digestible chunks that really made sense. He summed up what I had managed to learn in dribs and drabs over the last five years in about two hours!

After lunch, we headed out into the glaring sunshine, with a list of shots to get:

-use leading lines
-frame your shot
-shallow depth of field
-capture motion
-freeze fast action

I stuck to the list for all of about 10 minutes and then ended up completely abandoning the task and doing my own thing. (rebel)

This is Vicky of Ville de Brighton- one of my lovely back-row companions. Turns out that the photography course I am going to later this week is run by the photographer who snapped Vicky's wedding 10 years ago...small little world

Some of the other bloggers

This was my 'capture motion' shot...she looks well chuffed with me pointing my camera at her   :(
(bit rude of me really)

Picture of someone taking a photo of someone taking a photo....

It really was a lovely afternoon, and I am so glad that I went and got the chance to meet some fantastic people, including Vicky (who I appear to have stalked with my camera on the day) and Georgie (who is a SERIOUSLY talented illustrator that you most definitely need to go and check out here). Cheers for lift Georgie!

Thanks to Shaun for inviting me, Currys for putting on the event and feeding us, and of course to Dade for running a fantastic course and for lending me a memory card as some numpty (me) didn't put one in her camera before she left....first rule of camera club? Bring you camera. Second rule? Bring a memory card. D'oh!


  1. Some gorgeous photos in there, I particularly like your carousel ones. It was lovely to meet you!

  2. Your photos look amazing! None of mine turned out this good, but I definitely still learnt a lot from the day! x

  3. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing the link! I'm adding it to my post.

  4. Great photos Tora, well done. You're clearly very talented!! Keep up the good work xx

  5. Great capturing movement photos, I couldn't quite manage that myself. Really enjoyed the day though!


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