Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Grandad's 80th

 On Sunday, Long and I joined my family in Wiltshire to celebrate my grandad turning 80. The sun was shining, and all my aunties, uncles and cousins were there to wish Grandad a very happy birthday, and to eat lots and lots of cake, washed down with gallons of tea.

As is customary at these sorts of things, there were many group photos taken, in a variety of combinations, and you will see that this involved plenty of silliness...and lots and lots of laughter...mostly from my Aunty Sarah, who started crying at one stage, in a fit of giggles.

(Just a little warning....there is a ludicrous amount of photos in this post...)

 My cousin Penny made this amazing cake for my grandad who is a retired pig farmer- how cute are these little piggies?!

Here my cousin Ben is sitting on a pig..

 Just a little bit of food....

The Group Shots...

 So this is three generations...Granny and Grandad in the middle, with their children, with their children..(I'm stood on a step...I am not the giant of the family)

Here is Grandad waiting for his daughters to stop mucking about laughing and stand still for the picture...this took many minutes...

 They look like naughty school girls!

 Penny and her amazing cake before we all embarrassed Grandad with 'Happy Birthday'

 Still giggling...

 I've sneaked a photo in of Grandad's fantastic vegetable garden to show folk at work

One of my favourite parts of the day involved photos (funny that)- Granny has sorted through all her pictures and has put them on a disk for us. I absolutely loved looking through them all and admiring the fashion of my mum and her siblings (ahem)....here are a few of my favourites:

 Top left: Aunty Sarah with a piglet, top right: mum with a piglet, bottom left: adult mum with my big brother and a piglet, bottom right: granny and a piglet.

 Granny and a massive fluffy dog


 Grandad- I think you'll agree, he's a handsome chap!

Great Grandad, Grandad and a very serious looking cow

 Group shot! I love this one!

Grandad and my aunties Becca and Sarah

It was a great afternoon, and when I asked Grandad if he'd had a lovely day, his response was 'every day is a lovely day'.   :D


  1. This is the most beautiful post! Your gdad was a bit gorgeous back in the day eh? Don't know if I'm more impressed with the piggy cake or his veg patch! x

  2. what a nice get together! the piggies were a cute idea!

  3. Some beautiful pictures Tora, well done :)

  4. Some beautiful pictures Tora, well done :)


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